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AimSport AimZonic Predator Hunt

AimSport aimZonic Predator Hunt

AimSport aimZonic Predator Hunt


AimSport aimZonic Predator Hunt Black

7,7mm 14x1
9,5mm 14x1
7,7mm 15x1

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Product description

Only 17 mm longer and with less than 8 mm increased diameters compared to aimZonic Compact you here have a very compact and high-performing sound moderator.

This moderator fits you who prioritize best possible reduction of the bang and the muzzle flash but still want a light weight and compact moderator when you go hunting. The expansion chamber, which is twice as big as on aimZonic Compact, effectively takes care of the critical gas expansion when the bullet leaves the barrel and gives aimZonic Predator noise reduction values normally only found on considerably larger moderators on the market.




150 mm (builds 135 mm on the rifle barrel)


49,5 mm


310 g


Stainless steel / Aluminium

Noise red:

23-26 dB

The approximated size of the packed product or the sales package is 200 x 70 x 70 mm.

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Unfortunately we don't deliver this product to United States.

0.25 kg (with sales package 0.31 kg)

Jyri K. 29.10.2019
The magnum-caliber hunting rifle has a nicely light beak and cuts off the worst noise spike. The ears are no longer tinned after the shot. Shootability also improved as oral flame and noise decreased. The accuracy is hard to say, before and after anyway sub moa. All in all, these screens are definitely worth the price of Arvonen and a high quality being bowl.
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