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Heavylightstore is an outdoor sporting goods store based in Finland. In addition to our store in Helsinki, we provide quality outdoor gear internationally via our internet store. The company was founded by five young and active Finns with similar sporting interests as the clients we aim to serve. Heavylightstore consists of over fifty employees.

We ship worldwide

At Heavylightstore, we are committed to providing a consistent and user friendly service with dependability and without delay. We place an emphasis on customer service and towards that end, we are constantly striving to provide the best possible experience for our clients.

Only superior quality brands and products with a reputation for excellence are sold always at competitive prices. With customer feedback we are continuously refining our range of products and services.

We are honor bound to follow all Finnish Marketing rules (SSML), the rules of the Finnish e-commerce association, as well as the rules of fair play.

We hope our selection and service will provide you with a positive surprise.

We are privileged to have four seasons up here in Finland, so we are dedicated to the seasons must-do sports. During winter time cross country rules, and in the summer time we present multisport, biking and other nice and sweaty hobbies.

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If you’re not sure what's the thing this season regarding outdoor fashion, we have some hints. We aim to offer a trendy and constantly fresh selection for outdoor enthusiasts for anything they might want to do in their precious freetime.

Outdoor activities

From the pompous Premium Hunting Lounge to the average clay pigeons for everyday practice we have it all. Tweeds for the occasion, ghillie suits for the ultimate camouflage or hunting equipment for your four legged tail wagging best friend - we’ve got it.

Our hunting gear

All you would ever need for your fishing adventures. A blooming selection for fly- and jerk fishers. Don’t forget your lifevests and rescue suits!

Fishing gear

We are honoured to cater for your adventure wether it is a demanding trekking tour in the Himalayas or a nice weekend out with the family in your back yard. Nevertheless: when you go out, you want to have it as comfortable as possible, so why not have the absolute best for the purpose.

Hiking, trekking & such

Rocks, mountains, boulders, indoor, ice, glaciers... you get the point.

Climbing gear

We’ll get you geared up underwater for whatever you want to do down there: scuba diving, spearfishing, freediving or snorkeling. If you don’t yet know how, we’ll teach you: We also run a PADI 5-star Dive Center in-house!

Diving gear
Diving School's home page (Sukelluskoulu Aalto / "Diveschool Wave")

Kitesurfing in the summer, snowkiting in the winter.
Riding waves like a boss on windy autumn days in the Baltic or taking over majestetic waves in Hawaii. Boards and wetsuits for whatever your thing is.

Kitesurfing gear
Surfing gear