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Fenix Are-X1+ älylaturi

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Fenix ARE-X1+ Smart Battery Charger
ARE-X1+ the single channel smart charger, is built for different sizes of rechargeable Li-ion batteries, as well as Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries. In addition, the micro USB charging port offers versatile universality. While charging, the user-friendly LCD screen indicates the battery level and charging status clearly. Built-in multi-protection guarantees charging safety.

Commonly used micro USB charging cable, can be connected to USB adaptor, computer USB port and power bank. A micro-computer chip controls the digitally regulated charging to extend battery life.

  • Compatible with different battery type
  • Micro USB-charging port
  • LCD-screen for displaying battery level and charging status
  • Multi-protection circuit
  • Four security protection design ensures your safety and the quality of the battery
  • Compact and convenient, portable and practical
  • Input: DC 5 V/1.0A, from external power source
  • Output: DC 4,2V/1A: 18650, 26650, 16540, 14500, 10440 (Li-ion)
  • Output: 1,5V/1.0A: AA, AAA, C (Ni-MH/Ni-Cd)
  • Operating temperatur: -20OC to 50OC
  • Included in the package: Fenix ARE-X1+ charger x 1, USB charging cable x 1, User manual
  • Note: Package does not include battery!

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