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Dr.Tuba Instructors Repair Kit

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Usually the instructors are the first help for their students if something goes wrong with their gear. Dr.Tuba Instructor's repair kit is here to help instructors to be able to repair any problem with the student's gear, in many cases right on the spot, expanding their recognisability, additional possibilities and to offer higher quality of the service to their customers and students.

This kit was developed with a close collaboration of professional instructors and was tested in real situations.

What's included?
  • 15m self-adhesive Nylon (50mm), various colors
  • 21m self-adhesive Dacron (50mm), various colors
  • 12m FiberFIX white mesh tape (45mm)
  • 2pc hot melt bladder repair film (100cm x 15cm)
  • 3pcs monster bladder patch (18 x 30cm)
  • spare TPU film (~15dm2)
  • 6pcs ValveFIX
  • 3pcs Valve Pads
  • 6pcs 28g high quality PU glue
  • 6pcs glue applicators
  • 6pcs glue brushes
  • 5pcs tie wraps
  • 20pcs alco swabs
  • 3pcs sanding papers
  • 2pcs heat shield papers
  • scissors
  • Carryng toolbox

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